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Job management for infrastructure contractors

Job management doesn't have to be a painful, costly mess

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RecordLens makes job management easy

RecordLens streamlines worksite record-keeping, transforming your team's phones into fast and powerful tools for your contracting business.Designed for speed, trades workers instantly capture, share, and retrieve crucial information while in the field.Project Managers use the data to show safety compliance, request change orders, and document pre, during, and as-built construction records.Records can be easily shared with customers and subcontractors to improve collaboration.

Available for both Android and iPhone

Instant Capture, Share, & Search

Capture and share critical job information from the worksite just by taking pictures. RecordLens catalogues and saves the photos for later search and review.

AI Image Processing

Every photo is analyzed with advanced AI image processing technology, turning photos of people, places, and documents into searchable data.

Easy Report Generation & Sharing

Automatically compile data into comprehensive reports and share them directly from the app, or automatically send them as daily reports via email

How RecordLens Works

Take photos of your worksite & documents

Workers use the RecordLens app to capture photos and documents from any work being done on site

Click Save, Move On

Each photo is automatically tagged with exact GPS coordinates and scanned for information with our advanced image processing and OCR technology. Just confirm the job, click save, and move on.

Automate Your Daily Reports

Stop spending hours sitting in the office trailer or truck working on daily reports. Instead, daily reports are automatically generated & shared with recipients, including photos and descriptions of the day's activity.

Quickly Find Anything

Search through any of your organization's records with our advanced search technology. You can search for text and descriptions of photos and filter by job, GPS location, record taker, time, etc..

Collaborate With Customers & Subcontractors

Securely share with collaborators in just 2 clicks, so you can all immediately get to work.

No Training Required

RecordLens feels like a simple camera app combined with a search bar. If you can take photos with your phone and use Google, you can use RecordLens.

RecordLens is Different

Unlike other apps, RecordLens focuses on simplicity and automation of your most common tasks.Our mission is to make documentation as simple as possible, and then get out of the way so you can get your work done.

Record Lens

RecordLens offers a comprehensive, user-friendly, and innovative approach to worksite record-keeping and management.Our advanced image processing and search technologies combined with a deep understanding of trades work creates a tool uncommonly easy to use. Photos of documents and scenes become searchable data, drastically reducing time spent on locating information.Intuitive design facilitates real-time collaboration, enhancing transparency and efficiency.RecordLens is more than just another camera app — it's a versatile tool built to streamline documentation and increase productivity on any worksite.

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